How to Stay Positive With Your Online Business

How to stay positive with your online business is something all online marketers must learn to do. I have been working online now for around 5 years and have developed some skills and daily rituals that have helped me stay positive and stay focused.

Every morning I think about all the good things that happened the day before and focus on them. I also tell myself that I am a top internet marketer who makes more money in a month than most people do in a year.

I use to work in direct sales on a commission only basis. Basically every Monday, I was unemployed until I got my next sale.

Sales whether online or offline is a numbers game. So if you present your product or service to enough people in the month you will get sales.

But it is easy to get disheartened. If I was having a bad day out on the road and not selling anything. I used to give myself a good talking too and remind myself that we all have good days and bad days and that tomorrow is another day and will be much better than today.

If you can counter any negativity in sales you can be a big hitter in whatever area you are working in. One of the ways I tackle negativity is this. If I am having a bad day and not achieving much and start thinking “this is pointless” or ” this is never going to work” I imagine a large stop sign dropping down in front of me. I then say to myself 10 times” I am a top internet marketer and I never give up”.

I then replace the negative scene I had in my head with something successful from my past. It can be anything that you had success with that motivates you.

Control your mind its fertile and will grow whatever you plant in it.